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Our Directors


An educator at Jackson College, Elaine is the founder of Sam's Book Flood and is tireless in her pursuit of reading promotion in the local community.  She firmly believes that early reading programs are imperative for the success of our youth.  


Elaine Themm

Retired educator from East Jackson Middle School, Cathy now does volunteer work for Jackson Public Schools and the Saint Vincent De Paul Society.


Cathy Sykes

Retired from the Michigan Office of the Auditor General, some of Andy's volunteer experiences include local youth hockey programs and Jackson County 4-H programs.


Andy Mitchell

Calvin grew up in Jackson before getting his bachelor's degree from MSU and a Masters in Library Science from Wayne State.  He felt compelled to come back and serve his community and has spent the last 7 years working in various positions in the Jackson District Library.


Calvin Battles

Brenda currently serves as the Planning and Program Development Director with Community Action Agency.  This position is the latest in a career of nonprofit work.  Why nonprofit work?  Her parents always instilled in her the blessing she had received of a safe home, family, and quality education. Not everyone had received these blessings and it was her responsibility to pay it forward.  Brenda believes that reading and enjoying books leads to an appreciation and excitement of learning.


Brenda Pilgrim

An educator with the Jackson Public School District, Kristi is an avid supporter of reaching all children at their level with great literature that will help foster a life long love of reading.


Kristi Nodine

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